Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've Been Very Lucky

Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d!

I really should thank G-d more often. Just now I was reminded anew when reading about the death of the young son of UK's Conservative Party head, David Cameron. The child, Ivan, was severely disabled with Cerebral Palsy and a very serious/dangerous type of epilepsy.

We spent two relatively long times in the hospital, one with each son, but thank G-d, our sons are bli eyin haraa healthy today.

Before our first such experience I thought that it only happens to parents who "aren't careful." But then our then newborn baby had to be rehospitalized with an extremely dangerous infection. We, my baby and I, lived in the hospital for six weeks. After a week or so, a neighbor began organizing babysitters to stay with him in the hospital so I could see my other kids for dinner and put them to bed. Then I would take the late bus home back to the hospital. And yes, just like the word "home" would come out of my mouth then, just over 25 years ago, it came out of my fingers as I typed this.

Miraculously he recovered and didn't suffer any negative reactions from all the antibiotics, nor brain damage which had been feared by the doctors. (I just hope he doesn't kill me for writing this.)

Our second was with our older son after he was in a bicycle accident. Then I wasn't the only one taking care of him in the hospital. He was old enough for others to be there. But I was in charge of his physical therapy when we returned home. After the orthopedist gave me written instructions, I went to a friend who was a physical therapist. She showed us, demonstrated everything he had to do. I took notes and drew pictures. Then I made up a chart with the pictures and a place to write how many times and the weights used. We kept track and did the exercises twice a day until he was allowed to walk on both feet.

These were definitely humbling experiences.

May the Cameron family be comforted...

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