Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Offered To Show My Dental Work

It's not the first time that I kept beeping when going through metal detectors. Once the guard had the nerve to ask me to remove my hat. A female guard and I then went to the "ladies room." Another time, when Bibi was Prime Minister, and we were attending the same wedding, I had to take off my gold bracelet. And yes, that was the last thing I had to take off before my "strap bridge."

Luckily, sans bracelet the metal detector was silent.

Today I went through hell and fire just because I'm an American. Some of you may have guess what I'm about to say. Yes, I was at the American Consulate in Jerusalem. I think it's permitted to thank G-d it wasn't raining, since the "waiting area" is a courtyard with holey cover. It's partially covered with some heavy plastic. I spent over an hour out there waiting my turn.

The good news was that I could bring my bag, pouch etc. I had remembered that it was forbidden. They kept the phone and camera. Maybe they relaxed the rules, and I had spent hours last night looking for an outfit with a pocket for my wallet.

Now to wait a few weeks until I get the call to come and pick it up... at a delivery office, which adds more to the expense.

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