Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Down, Too Many To Go

The good news is that I "cleaned" two rooms in the house "for Passover." The bad news is that there's just too much more to do. Of course, besides the kitchen, diningroom, livingroom and laundry room, most rooms don't get much actual chametz, the forbidden during Passover foods.

The rooms I cleaned, moving furniture (when possible), cleaning the window sill (not the windows, we don't eat off of them and the dust storm season is yet to come,) the floors etc are where my daughter and family sleep when they come for Shabbat. That's the easiest part of the house.

The hard stuff still awaits me. My bedroom, though not an eating room at all is really the hardest, because I can't move the furniture. There's no way to clean it well, just plain cleaning, not to rid it of chametz.

Early next week, I'll go through the freezer and pantry to see what I can give to neighbors. For years, I've been giving my neighbor my left-over food. She looks forward to it and is part of a group that makes a "chametz party" a couple of days before Passover. They cook up a storm of soon to be forbidden food and party.

Between our "empty nest" and my diet there aren't enough eaters in the house.

Back to work. I have to put things back into those two rooms and I also have to prepare for Shabbat and clean the mess here.

One more full week before Passover...


Keli Ata said...

Would you believe it's taken me a week to completely clean my little one bedroom apartment?

The cupboards are the hardest to clean.

muse said...

I'm sure that it's very clean, cleaner than mine for sure. I didn't take everything apart. I just don't. I do what I can do.