Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some People Handle It Better

I've mentioned that I can't take the noise at Megillah readings and other events. I'm hyper-sensitive and a bit ADHD. My concentration goes bananas at times. Things disturb me which don't bother others. Call me nuts, if you want.

At tonight's, that's the third of four, Megillat Esther readings, just before it began, I noticed that a kid had a toy gun. I was afraid that the boy was planning on shooting "caps" during the "quiet reading." I quickly called over the hostess and asked her to check it out. I was there, because it was billed as a "quiet" reading. She spoke to the father and seemed reassured that all was ok.

Soon into the reading I became aware of a strange clicking sound. It was, obviously, loud enough to grab my attention, but nobody else seemed to notice. I was trying very hard to concentrate on the page, but ADHD says it all.

I finally discerned that the noise was coming from that kid's gun. There were no caps in it, but he was "shooting" it empty. Periodically, his father tried to stop him, but my ADHD is small potatoes compared to the little boy.

For me it was a major challenge, staying calm, focused and keeping a happy or even a benign look on my face.

I survived it, losing track of the words, not much more than usual. I appreciate that for that little boy, staying as quiet as he was, was a great accomplishment. May G-d give his parents the strength and wisdom needed.

ps It certainly helped that I sat in a seat by the wall. When you have a "disability," it's important to know what tricks help.

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