Monday, March 30, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

As I write this, I'm wondering if the pictures will "upload." Last night, I kept trying to post a picture essay on Shiloh Musings about last week's women's Rosh Chodesh Nissan Prayers at Tel Shiloh. After waiting and waiting and waiting, it kept going into some "error." Bloggers, not mine, but who suffers and who wasted so much time? Me, of course.

Now I'm curious to see if the pictures I took when walking to and from Shvut Rachel will upload. We walked in the "valley" between Shiloh and Shvut Rachel. It's actually a short walk, no more, probably less than walking around our neighborhood. I just couldn't bear walking around the neighborhood again. It does get boring, so when my walking friend came over, I suggested a change of scenery.

Yes, it is gorgeous, especially this time of the year. Everything here is gorgeous this time of the year, even when the rainfall isn't massive.

Shvut Rachel is just to the east of us. It's in land which is part of Shiloh's official territory and was established as a neighborhood after my good friend, Rachella Druk was murdered on the eve of the Madrid Conference. The young families who moved there requested/demanded that they be considered an independent yishuv, so some arrangement was made, and they're governed independently.

I can see Shvut Rachel from my windows. When those very first caravans, mobile homes, were trucked in it was hard to look at them through my tear-filled eyes. We were all reeling in shock from Rachella's murder and the serious conditions of the wounded children.

Just last week, a neighbor and I stood at Rachella's grave reminiscing about our friend who is no longer dancing with us in this world. Rachella loved children, and we must take comfort in her children, their children and the children growing up Shvut Rachel, established in her memory.

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