Thursday, March 19, 2009

There's No "One Size Fits All" Diet

A Simple Jew has posted his simple methods to keep his weight down. They work for him, so they are good for him. They don't work for me.

Everyone has to find his/her own way to be a healthy weight. For some people it's necessary to gain weight and other must lose weight. Of course, some more and some less.

Today I was talking to a neighbor who couldn't accept that I don't eat bread. I don't need bread. I don't have to eat bread. I don't miss bread. And most ironically of all, when I do eat bread, I frequently (prior to this diet at least) eat it in uncontrollable quantities. I have the same problem with noodles, brown rice, bulgar and other carbohydrates. I just eat and eat and eta, until the pot is empty. It's not that I can stop when satiated, because I don't feel satiated. Either the food is finished or I force myself from the table.

That's me. Other people do very well with their slice or two of bread at each meal.

There is no one diet which suits everyone, and most of us need to change our diets during various stages of life.


A Simple Jew said...

Thanks for the link, muse. And I agree! Use the method that works best for you :)

Batya said...

It always helps to hear how others control their weight. Thanks for contributing.