Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maybe They Use The Slats Of The Window Blinds For Chop Sticks?

Mother in Israel posted the most hysterical cleaning advice for this pre-Pesach season.

For the past month or two, I've been trying to make sure that my chametz inventory has gone down. This year it's particularly hard, since after stocking up on whole wheat noodles and other carbohydrates, I started a diet and discovered that I function best sans starch. If I see that I have too much left over, I'll start giving to neighbors. There are also neighbors here who collect unopened packages of chametz, sell it for Pesach, and then they donate the food to poor families.

Cleaning? Well, I wiped out some fridge shelves last week. OK, that's something good housekeepers do daily or weekly, but I'm not a good housekeeper. My priority is clean food on clean dishes. Nothing else counts, except clean laundry. And yes the floors do get washed, toilets, too.

But about the windows, there was a defect in the design. We have double windows, the first in the yishuv, and the window guy made all his mistakes on us. The livingroom/diningroom ones can't be cleaned. It's that simple. And I also haven't found a way of eating from them, so if there's dirt, it's not chametz and not even food. I've never seen a dog try to climb up and lick them. According to Jewish Law, that's the test. I once asked Awol, who was our family dog, when I was becoming religious to try my blush-on. One sniff and she avoided it. It was sure an easier way to check it for Pesach than asking a rabbi.

Well, three weeks to go before Passover, and I can't imagine being ready already.


Mrs. S. said...

Well, three weeks to go before Passover, and I can't imagine being ready already.
That sounds familiar...

Happy cleaning to you and yours!

Batya said...

What's the point if it's just going to be chametzdik again?

Anonymous said...

I could have used some more whole wheat pasta :-P

It feels slightly odd to continue buying chametz as the pesach products appear.

I'm glad I have a small apartment - there's only so much to clean in a one bedroom unit! Not that I have much to deal with, since I'm going home for Pesach and my roommate and I keep the place pretty clean.

Batya said...

t, buy what you'll be eating. And, of course, if you were here...

Anonymous said...

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