Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Inexpensive Meal Near Mamilla Mall

Since none of the restaurants in the Mamilla Mall can be called "inexpensive," you may be interested in one just outside of it and across the street on Shlomzion Hamalka Street.

Ajamir may be the name. I couldn't find it on the internet. Next time, I'll take a card, but it does have a Kashrut certificate, and there are always people there eating happily. It's  a simple meat place, grill, kosher, with the usual salads, felafel, kabob, shwarma, chicken breast, schnitzel etc.

I've eaten there a few times, and service is good, too. Not only did the guy fill my pita high with salads, but he gave me a small bowl with more the last time I was there. There is a nice variety of salads. Service is friendly. I'll get more information when I pass by next, Gd willing.

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