Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Grrr... More Internet Woes

You may have noticed that this posting is a bit later than my usual. Until a few minutes ago, just as I was reporting that there was no internet in the house, just as I was about to bang, tap, type our phone's "identity number" into my smartphone, the red light on top of the router (or whatever it's called) turned a healthy green.

This is the logo, which ironically says:
"Bezeq- The Best at Home"

So now my morning schedule is fokokt, but at least it's on now.  Spoke too soon, at this point all the upper lights are off... but when they're back I'll post this, Gd willing.


Netivotgirl said...

NOTHING is more aggravating than being without Internet! Last year during the Protective Edge Campaign I had just come back to finish my Dad's shiva here in Israel and felt unable to be in Netivot as my emotional balance just wasn't up to snuff. So we spent the first 2 weeks of the war at a friend's vacation apartment in classy Rechavia sans Internet-- just when I most needed contact with friends and loved ones! Thank you for highlighting our dependence on our service providers and the large place in our lives that the Internet plays dear Batya!

Batya Medad said...

We both know how quickly we have learned to maintain internet friendsjhps. But being san water and/electricity is worse.