Monday, January 22, 2024

Shiloh is Quiet, But War Stress Still Strong

For over three months Israel has been fighting for its very survival against Hamas, such a cruel terrorist army/people that makes the Nazis look almost kind

We haven't heard any sirens. In Shiloh, we don't have to run into shelters; actually we don't have any. Newer homes were build with shelters, and some people who enlarged their older homes now have shelters, too. But in my neighborhood, there are few; certainly none that we can reach within a minute or so.

I stick to my routine of taking a nice morning walk, weather permitting, of course.

And I photograph what I see, afterwards making a collage on the phone's photo-editing app.

I try to keep myself sane. Staying home listening to the news isn't healthy. I'm trying to study even more Tanach/Bible than before. In addition I've been crocheting and going to a mosaics class.

Many neighbors of all ages are serving in the army and local security, family, too. Prayers for all. Just trying to stay sane and healthy. How are you coping?


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your blog; Like you in Shilo, Betel also has had no sirens. We don't feel the war here but worry about family about friends' soldiers. We say Tehillim everyday which soldiers say really helps..Thankful for our seniors club with so many varied activities...which "keeps us sane"!

Batya said...

Thanks for commenting. Praying for true peace.

Netivotgirl said...

Today is an extremely difficult day for us all losing so many dear IDF men. I have sirens here in Netivot, but no mamad; I would break a leg attempting to reach the bomb shelter on the ground floor of my ancient building. I consider the Baba Sali's shrine my Mamad. (It can be seen from my kitchen window, B'H.) I pray each morning for at least 50 soldiers: husbands; sons; daughters; grandchildren of friends plus my family members fighting in this war. And I absolutely hate when they announce the names of those who have fallen defending our beloved Israel. *Sigh*

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, hugs, may Gd give strength and wisdom to our government leaders.