Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Beer as Fruity as Wine

Tonight I finally drank the third of the three Israeli craft beers I had bought a number of weeks ago. Of the first two, one, Shapiro "Jack's Winter Ale," was great and the other horrid. I'm going to cook beef with the Malka Stout beer tomorrow. It should be perfect in that role. 

Tonight I drank the Shapiro IPA, Citra. Not only is the woody orange-ish brown beer almost red enough to be a rose wine, but the taste is so fruity, I'd prefer it over many wines. It would certainly go well with a Shabbat or other festive meals. I'll have to try to buy some after Passover.

Doug, the Beer Maiven who, has been mentoring me in the drink genre of Israeli craft beer and beer tasting, uses words like "fruity" to describe beers. But in all honesty, until I drank this Shapiro IPA, "fruity" wasn't a word I'd use to describe a beer.

 As you can see in the photos, there was lots a foam, quite a head, but it dissipated quickly enough for me to drink it.

The beer went well with the cupcakes, which are leftover from Purim. NO, I didn't eat all three, only one!

On the whole, and from this small sample of three Israeli craft beers, I'm very impressed by the Shapiro brewers, and it's not just because they use a lion in their logo that resembles my favorite Israeli tackle football team. I definitely recommend the two Shapiro's I drank. What's your favorite Israeli craft beer?


Shelly said...

And now I want to taste the Shapira IPA (India Pale Ale - I had to look it up), Citra :-)

Batya said...

That was a clever idea. It's a good beer, and many beermakers make it.