Friday, June 09, 2017

Maybe Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman Because of Her Daring to Wear Flats

I guess you can also say that Wonder Woman has made flat shoes sexy.

As someone who hasn't worn high heels ever in the past forty something years, and I never wore really high heels, I'm very happy to see these photos.

From what I understand, there are women who insist that heels are more attractive, since the contracted calf muscles make the legs more shapely. The extremely fit and athletic Gal Gadot has sufficient shape without the heels. And her body seems so much more comfortable than the rest of the celebrities trying to stay well balanced and  graceful with their feet contorted, hobbling on barely a third of each foot.

There's an energy and posture in the way Gadot and others move and stand which is a lot more exciting than that of a woman in heels or a platform shoe. It's much more modern, feminist and sexy for sure.

PS Women in flats is so old-time Israeli!

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