Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kitchen Update #1

A few months ago, I blogged here that we're in the market for a new kitchen, since ours is over thirty years old and just doesn't provide what's needed, besides the fact that some closets haven't held up all that well.

Besides talking about it and starting to look carefully at what friends have done recently, I hadn't spoken to any kitchen stores or carpenters until yesterday. Finally, I found myself in the part of downtown Jerusalem that has a number of kitchen specialty companies. Unfortunately, as it was Tuesday afternoon, a few were closed.

The first place I entered was a big showroom on Shlomzion Hamalka Street which had something I really like!

I don't know how clear these pictures are, but the things that excited me are the "handles," or lack of them. In Hebrew they are called yeddi'ot integraliot, and from my guess -confirmed by the young woman working there- in English they are probably called "built-in handles."

Especially in a smallish kitchen which doesn't get cleaned much, I think that these are much better than regular "handles." I think they're safer, too. Handles can injure and damage things. And sometimes they are awfully difficult to clean. So, that's one new feature I'm going to request.

Since I had time, I entered a few more stores. For some strange reason, I was ignored. As many of you know, I worked in a clothing store for almost six years, and I always made a point of greeting everyone who came in. Some Israelis did find it "peculiar," since it isn't the norm here. But honestly, I think that these high-end places would do much better if they were friendlier.

Actually, in the last store a young woman did ask how she could help, so I mentioned to her that I have a basic idea of how my new kitchen should be planned. I just didn't see one of the features in the store. I want one of the two sinks in a corner. I asked if they do it. She told me that it was an awful idea and that she had a lot of experience. So I replied:
"I have a lot of experience. I'm married forty-seven years." And between you and me, that's close to double her age!
I also explained that I need two separate sinks, not side-by-side or attached. She argued about that, too, trying to tell me that it makes more sense to have them together "and we even have a very large one which I will show you." I think I should get an award for self-control on that one, since her suggestion was so awful. The "sink/sinks" was just one with a very low divider. I told her that it was totally unacceptable.

She then gave me a business card and told me to contact their designer and "be open-minded." Well, I won't be back there.

As an experienced salesperson, I know that one of the keys to a successful sale and happy customer is listening. I had made it clear that I had a basic plan, but she considered her job to tell me what would be better without caring what my needs are. That was ZIV KITCHENS on Corush Street, Jerusalem.


Unknown said...

I recommend that you sit with a carpenter and tell him/ her exactly what you want, and let him / her help you design the kitchen. We have an excellent kitchen carpenter here in Kedumim... Highly talented and very very honest.

Batya said...

Thank, I guess I should add him to my list.

Shelly said...

As far as two separate sinks, I totally agree with you. But as far as a sink in the corner, I think she's right logistically - although the positioning in relation to other things might seem good, I think you'd find it would not be comfortable to work in front of a sink in a corner because essentially you can't be right in front of it, except for the very center point of it. (And I have actually completely designed two kitchens myself - the one in my current house, which I'm happy with - although there are things I would not have done as I did if not for the confines of my small kitchen - and one I designed from scratch, including the size and shape of the room itself and it's ppositioning in the house (I designed the whole house, just had an engineer draw up my sketch as formal plans) which I was very happy with.) The handles you described sound great.

Anonymous said...

Drawers are so much easier to use than cupbards. I have had more put in. Deep for pans and and shallower for different dry goods and even spices and herbs. Ask lots of friends and investigate their kitchens so you try as much as you can for ideas. I have two sinks with a big gap/ worktop between. One is then beginning the meaty side, the other sink begins the milky side. If you get what I mean!

Batya said...

Shelly, I've gone over all the options, and the sink in the corner is much better than a stove top there, which many people do. My husband usually washes the fleishig which is the one that would get the corner,and he's ok with the idea. I don't want cooking dirt where I can't reach easily. I have lots of ideas for that corner over the sink.

a, yes! I've been looking at them. The kitchen will be a "U" as it already is, and meat/dairy on different walls.

It's not a large kitchen. I've been in the house over thirty years, and I certainly know it better than some little kid in that showroom who couldn't even bother to listen to me.