Thursday, June 01, 2017

Low-Carb, Crustless Dairy Quiche

Here are the vegetable ingredients, before being shredded in the foodprocessor:
carrot, onion, celeriac (root), squash, cabbage
 All shredded and ready for mixing.
In the end I felt the need to add five 5 eggs and half that container of gvina tsfatit, which is a white salty cheese. I bought the 5%. This cheese is somewhat like feta, Bulgarian or any brined cheese.
You can add more cheese, or less. And you can certainly eliminate the cheese entirely if you want a parve, lactose free dish.
In all honesty, I wouldn't obsess over the specific cheese. It should be white and crumbly.
I added some matzah meal to absorb the liquid when baking.
One was baked in a pyrex casserole for serving the next day, and the rest was put in freezable baking pans for another day.

I baked them in medium heat until they felt "solid" when pressed. Yes, that's the same "test" I use when baking a cake and similar oven temperature. My oven is old, not at all digital, and the numbers are long faded away.
The Low-Carb, Crustless Dairy Quiche really tasted great. I didn't add salt,since the cheese is very salty. You can certainly add whatever fresh herbs you want. I didn't add any oil, not even on top before baking. So, this is also a low-fat recipe.

My recipes are "suggestions." Never obsess over quantities and ingredients.

Just enjoy and let me know how it came out and what you did to personalize the recipe.

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