Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Another Jerusalem Walk

How can anyone tire of these views?

Since the ride to Jerusalem went quickly, I had time to walk part of the way to my appointment. I usually walk the Jerusalem Chords/String Bridge in the other direction.

Actually, I must admit that I first started walking on the street, but then I backtracked and took the pedestrian path on the bridge, and I'm not sorry. It is one of the most photogenic locations in all of Israel.

I must admit that I was one of the "doubters" while it was being constructed, mostly because of the lack of harmony with the nearby neighborhoods. But, davka, today I enjoy it. And it's symbolic of the real Jerusalem, which not only is a historic and holy city, but it's a place where ordinary people live and work. There's wealth, poverty and technology. And it's also the Capital City of the State of Israel and the Holiest City for the Jewish People.

There's no other city like Jerusalem in the entire world.

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