Thursday, June 23, 2005


Yesterday, my girls and I divided forces in terms of entertaining my visiting parents. There's no need for my 80 year old mother and almost 85 year old father to do the same things all the time.

My eldest daughter took the afternoon off from work and took my mother to the Hyatt spa, and then they had dinner out. Simultaneously, I took my father by bus to daughter #2 and her two daughters in Ofra. She and her husband and the little girls, of course, kept him happily fed and entertained all afternoon and evening.

I made my way back home late afternoon. Catching the bus was one of those "perfect timing" stories. Just as I was passing the "ulpana," girls high school, between my daughter's home and the bus stop, I saw a neighbor driving. He stopped for me, but said that he wasn't going home, going to Jerusalem to meet his wife, so I asked for a lift to the bus stop, which of course he agreed to. As we approached, so did a bus. It was the bus home, so he sped up, dropped me off, I ran and made the bus. I wouldn't have if he hadn't given me the ride. One of G-d's great little favors. Now I hope that G-d doesn't waste His powers on little things like that, when our country's in danger.

And today, I have my exercise class by the pool. Honestly I'm not happy with that, since it's costing me extra money, since I don't have pool membership. Also, I know how to exercise in the water. But I'm curious to see what Channinat Hashem comes up with. Yes, that's her name.

I'm going to have to bring tons of stuff with me since I want to swim first and need shirts to wear against the sun etc. It's important to look at this as an opportunity and not money waste. Just must stay out of the sun.


Esther said...

Glad you're having fun with the folks! Must be nice having them visit.

Batya said...

hope I can do as well at their ages