Monday, June 06, 2005

dip, splish and splash

My daughter informed me that the pool opened in Ofra this week. They took the "young family" membership deal. Maybe I'll give it a try for a quick dip, splish and splash, since ours opens next week. And the Neve Yaakov one had been closed for renovations for a couple of months. So I haven't been in the water a while.

Added advantage of going to my daughter's is that I can leave my wet stuff to dry there and not schlepp the heavy, bulky bag around town. My bag has been packed and waiting, since I had planned on going to swim when I didn't know about the Neve Yaakov closure. I just added a skirt and top, since I have lots of students in Ofra, and I don't want to look "unprofessional." One even lives just between her and the pool.

Here's to that splishing and splashing, all in the name of physical fitness!

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