Sunday, June 05, 2005

reading the NY Times

I grew up reading only one newspaper, until I was 13 and we moved to Great Neck, Long Island, but the "NY Times" is still delivered to my parents' home, ad me'ah v'esrim--they should live to 120. For me the "Sunday comics" were the political cartoons in "The News of the Week in Review." So if you're wondering why I'm me...

I just subscribed to the email headline delivery.

This editorial sounds like the '60's have returned, but with a twist, not Chubby Checkers'.
Young graduates are being encouraged to dream, but their dreams are selfish. Recently I had brunch with a few lady friends, and we were brainstorming about how to influence Israeli and world politics. One thing that bothered us was that so few people today have the faith and confidence that they can change the world. We're trying hard.

I've gotten used to the coffee from a coffee maker I received from my daughter. Does this make me a "maven?" Coffee's big business in the states. Are these places considered kosher?

According to Amnest International, the US is a human rights offender. I wonder what they say about the Israeli administrative detainees for demonstrating against disengagement.

I spent my labor with daughter #3 watching the movie about

and the American military seems to be in trouble. In my day, parents helped their kids dodge the draft, now that there's no draft, and the miliary has to recruit, parents are protesting, trying to keep their kids out.

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