Friday, June 10, 2005

NY Times

As I've mentioned before, I was raised reading the New York Times. Recently I subscribed to the email selected headlines. OK, maybe that's why even after unsubscribing to lots of norishkeit, I haven't reduced computer time. Here are some links, sorry but I'm too lazy to html them.

What's it like to have a famous, but absent, father?

Liberalism, what's the truth?
I highly suggest that you read every word of this article about a very special person. She has accomplished so much in her life; makes me feel like I've done nothing, and we're the same age.

Here's a beautiful story that shows that some people do appreciate high school teachers.

Yes, there's nothing like the Times, even though I don't always agree with their editorial policy. There's always something to read.


Esther said...

Some of their articles are subscriber-only. And they peeve me off too often for me to bother subscribing.

Batya said...

same with the J Post