Wednesday, June 22, 2005

last night

Last night I went with my daughter to Caesaria; it's in northern Israel on the Mediterranean Coast. With Israel's new #6 super highway, which we entered not far from Ariel, it wasn't such a bad trip.

She's a lawyer for the Movement for Quality in Government, and they had their annual prize giving ceremony last night in the ancient amphitheater. It was very impressive with thousands of people. Some of the audience was only there for the entertainment. Veteran Israeli singer, Shlomo Artzi, put on a full show after the ceremony.

We didn't stay late, as a hungry baby was waiting for her mommy to come home.


Esther said...

I have very fond memories of Caesaria. My boyfriend and two friends of ours raced the sun setting... we got about an hour of sunlight to look around. Of course the sunset was fantastic. I took video footage and 35mm pictures -- almost at the same time (yes, it would kill my boyfriend to learn to use one or the other, lol). The whole experience was incredible. Hope you and your daughter enjoyed yourselves thoroughly.

Batya said...

It was lovely.