Monday, June 20, 2005

HH #25

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Next edition is by yours truly. My theme will be ALIYAH TO ISRAEL, since this summer we celebrate 35 years in Israel. We actually docked on September 5 after two weeks on a boat, large ship.

I'm beginning the celebrations already, since I'll be taking a Nefesh B'Nefesh flight, G-d willing, this summer. I'll be one of the journalists on board and hope to get a new perspective over a generation later.

Send your entries to shilohmuse at yahoo dot com before Shabbat.


Esther said...

Part of me would love to make Aliyah. But I'd have to wait til my mom dies. I know that sounds horrible but she said if I did it, the worry would kill her. ;) So I have to wait.

Batya said...

As strange as it sounds, it's a very common situation for all sorts of logistical reasons.

Of course there will be other articles in HH. Send me your suggestion.