Wednesday, June 01, 2005

worst time of the year

This is more than just the worst time of the year; it's the worst part of teaching. Even the beginning, trying to learn the new names is less stressful.

I hate making up the final grades. It's like playing G-d.

I just spent hours grading tests and calculating and trying to judge success and effort. and trying not to let personal feelings influence.

They're due tomorrow.

And after the grades are in, and the party's over, how will we teach? Why should they listen? Do you have any good movies to suggest? super clean, please.


Esther said...

Nice to know teachers hate it as much as students do. :) Of course, it's been a long time since I was one of those.

A clean movie? Do they exist? Even Disney films aren't super clean all the time. Can't recall how clean it was but The Incredibles was a fun film. I love the Lion King but I wouldn't exactly say it's fun. Clean? Sorry, I'm still stuck on that. ;)

Batya said...

I teach high school boys!

Esther said...

And you still want clean?!? You want to be the dull teacher? ;) The Incredibles should work though they've probably already seen it. Or do you want an oldtime movie? Maybe Superman with Christopher Reeve? Anything with a nice comic book hero?

Batya said...

It's a yeshiva high school. The boys wouldn't mind, but the bosses would.