Friday, June 10, 2005


How old's your computer? all the parts?
And how old are your phone, cellphone, tv, fridge etc?

Do you upgrade before the old breaks down or for the new special features?

This "New York Times" article gives some advice.

Personally, I must admit, rather proudly, that the screen I'm staring at and our printer are all part of the orginal package we got for our second computer over eight years ago. That was a few years after our original pc imitation hit the dust, and we had been computerless for awhile.

Our refrigerator, bli eyin haraa, has been cooling for almost twenty years. The trekker replaced the magnet/sealer, but I didn't ask him. I believe that too much playing and cleaning these appliances damage them.

My rule is never to replace anything that still functions or is still with us. If it was stolen or lost, like one of my husband's cellphones, that's something else of course.

We have a small tv, bought cheap a few years ago at duty free. Larger wouldn't fit, and we don't need it.

Recently I've seen old-non-electric type writers on sale in mail order deals. If you have to fill out a form, it's the only way, other than writing by hand. Though, I guess, like cloth diapers, it must be for a "cult." You can always scan your document into the computer, I think. Not that we have a scanner.

And just recently I've begun preparing my morning coffee in an electric coffee maker, rather than my old perculator. And I'd still like to know if I really need those paper filters.


Esther said...

I run my cars into the ground. I was 30 before I got my first new one (used to get my folks' old cars). Fridge -- into the ground. Computers and cell phones, I must admit, I upgrade sooner than needed at times. I love getting new gadgets.

Batya said...

I hate spending money. Guess I'm a hippie at heart.