Wednesday, June 29, 2005

night stretching

Last night I went to an evening exercise class to make up for last week's disappointment.

The teacher is a real professional and gives a different workout at the end of the day. I was truly surprised at how much I enjoyed it, since I'm a morning person. Actually, I'm glad that I had the opportunity, since I had strained my shoulders the day before. The weakness began yesterday afternoon. By evening, I could hardly lift my arms. I called her to tell her that I wasn't 100% and would be participating any how.

Thank G-d, now I'm fine and was very alert when I returned home. It would be nice to sign up for two classes next year, one morning and one evening and also continue with my weekly trip to the Neve Yaakov pool and find a Torah or Bible class. Oh, yes, and I'll have to work a bit, too.

Now to attack the laundry I washed yesterday.
Must be sorted and put away.

I can always watch the recorded Law and Order, since I don't watch it when it's broadcast, must save it for special occasions like this.


vw bug said...

Can't find your email. If you will email me at, I will send you a couple of recipes for vegetable soup. Thanks for stopping by!

Esther said...

Glad it helped you to feel better!

I can watch L&O reruns again and again. Love those shows.

Batya said...

Thanks, VW, I will.

Esther, I have tapes of recorded CSI, Agency-which is no longer on, and L & O. My daughter lent me Homicide. I can't watch them at night unless I have something to do, like folding laundry, so I prefer watching during the day.