Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Fantastic Israeli Second Hand Book Store

When I was looking for English children's books as presents for my grandchildren, one of my daughters introduced me to REBOOKS, סיפור חוזר Sipur Chozer. REBOOKS is a chain with a few branches in Jerusalem. We went to the one in the center of town, 4 Shmuel Hanagid Street, Sunday-Thursday 8:30-16:00, Tel. 035341400 just above the Horse Park.

When we walked in a young man greeted us and took our names and phone numbers. He wrote them with the time we were in the store, so if Gd forbid anyone in at the same time would be diagnosed with corona  COVID-19, we can be notified easily.

You can see the hand sterilizer easily available, and everyone is masked.

The book shop is clean and well organized. I was extremely impressed by the large selection of English language books, even for young children.

To simplify things for customers and staff, all books cost NS20, though if you donate books you'll receive a coupon per book, allowing you to buy one for only NS15-

Rebooks calls themselves a "social bookstore chain," because it's actually a retraining/rehabilitation project for those recovering from psychiatric conditions.

I was very impressed by the service and told them I'd be recommending them to everyone.

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