Thursday, March 03, 2005


I'm cooking double chicken this week, including a batch to my hatching daughter.

And I put in an official complaint to blogspot about the problems when using firefox. They recommended firefox to keep out "undesirables." A suspicious comment was found by me on shiloh musings. I had a time deleting it. They said that firefox would be better, though I can't imagine how. I only allow blogspotters to comment. If anyone else has complaints, please write to them, too. I think there's a problem with my template, since the orange sometimes takes over, especially when on firefox. If any of you have experienced such an invasion, please complain to blogspot.


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Rachel Ann said...

I am not sure what they mean by using firefox to keep out undesirables, but I love firefox as a browser. I am so satisfied with it. I do wish they would include some of the features found in Opera, which is also a great browser imho (just wish more sites would mesh with it.)