Monday, March 28, 2005

template temperment

My template seems taken with Baile Rochel, giving her added exposure. I have no idea why that sidebar list looks so different from the others. I thought that I had copied the HTML exactly; I did, just copied/pasted.

Also, more complaints have been coming in about strange, uncontrollable color schemes, especially in the lower third of the page. Sorry, but I'm just a computer klutz, bungling around.

Also, ever since blogpatrol had a facelift, I can't get my statistics from them. They just show the number on the logo that you can see, but when I go into the site, properly signing in, the boxes are empty, like unblown baloons. There were things I liked on blogpatrol better than the other counter I use, so I'm going to give them another day. I've written a few times to their "contact," but no replies. Any other bloggers out there with the same?

Baile Rochel seems to be popular. Does anyone have any connections with Jewish papers for syndication? Is it immoral to exploit her? I don't think so; my father's grandmothers would be proud!

Another day.....

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