Sunday, March 20, 2005

Catching up with Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

Sorry, it has been a while. Here's the link to the last one .

Now we're on the Kohelet from almost two weeks ago. The link in the first line is to T'hilim, Psalms. As usual it's recommended to have texts available.

Kohelet 7, 3 &4and onward.....
Life isn't a "cabaret." (Try to tell that to the younger generation! My students demand to be entertained all the time. They think it's outrageous that I expect them to work hard and take responsibility. Just call me Atilla.)
True happiness/joy is in the next world.
When the "wise" listen to the laughter/mocking of the "fool" the wise become fools. (We have to stick with our beliefs and not let the fools influence or weaken us.)
Shmot, Exodus, 5, 19 until the end of the chapter
Moshe complained to G-d that the people aren't listening to him, they complain that since he began his campaign things have only gotten worse.
Then he asked G-d: Why did you send me?
Shmot 6-- G-d answered: "You'll see." because Moses listened to the fools he lost "libo" his heart/confidence. One of the reasons that Moses was punished and couldn't enter the Land of Israel.

9- Stay calm and confident; don't let temper rule. Anger is a sign of frustration, emptiness, no justification. That's why the anti-yesha are so violently against us, so inciteful. Anger comees from a situation when there's no spiritual depth and creativity.
We must see it as a challenge to activate our minds.
We mustn't answer/debate the fool. We shouldn't take him seriously.

Oy, we wasted time talking/complaining about the evil/foolish politicians, instead of getting stronger, via learning.

We must control anger.

10- Were the previous generations better? Or is it that we just remember the good? Times were not really better. Now things are better.
Anger comes from a frustration, because people aim for a false utopia. Reality makes them angry.
Look for the good now and solutions to the problems.

11- What's "nachalah?" $, profession, job......?

to be continued....

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