Friday, March 04, 2005

continued T'hilim Kohelet March 1

and as usual, a Bible handy

WE're on Psalms 35, 10
He feels "all the bones" when things are very bad. When we're sick we feel our bones, when we're cold, hungry or injured, too.
David's also referring to when Saul tricked him.
First Samuel 17, 25 Goliath was taunting, threatening the Israelites. Saul offered a prize, his daughter Meirav, to anyone who could kill Goliath. As the world knows, David succeded, and when he arrived at his wedding, he discovered Meirav marrying someone else. That hurt, to the bones.
Saul didn't cheat him of money, he took away the wife.

11- David refers to how Saul brought false witnesses to lie, that he was never promised Meirav. It was a great embarrassment for David.

It was also a great embarrassment to Saul, his warriors and to David's macherdik (bigshot) brothers that little scrawny David killed Goliath.
By taking all this into acount, it's a better come from behind than Rocky!

Now I really must finish preparing for Shabbat, so I'll leave you with the message, that we, David, will win. We'll escape Saul's wrath, and destroy the giant and G-d will bring peace as a reward for our efforts. G-d willing. B'ezrat Hashem!

And Shabbat Shalom

ps if the reference isn't clear read:

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