Friday, March 04, 2005

A Different Generation

I've been hearing this from many people, that the younger kids are nothing like the older ones. Even infants choose nowadays. My granddaughter chose which plastic spoons to buy when she was too small to hold them. My eldest (her aunt) was minding her and took her shopping. She gave her a choice of different feeding spoons. Hallelie pointed to one (the most expensive, of course) so my daughter re-arranged the display, but Hallelie kept choosing the same one. Even after my daughter explained to her that the others gave more for the dollar.

Recently Hallelie doesn't like to have her diaper changed, so she gets to choose which diaper. They are decorated with different animals. Not long ago when my daughter (her mother) came home late from work, Hallelie was half asleep. But perked up enough to say: "Oy yoy yoy, pil." Meaning "there are no more elephant (pil in Hebrew) diapers left." That should be her biggest problem and greatest tragedy.

Shabbat Shalom

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