Monday, March 07, 2005

bli neder! finishing last week's Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

The previous ended on a very depressing note, that if people put all their energies in the wrong things, like total materialism, they haven't contributed to the world, so it would have had been better if they hadn't lived at all, unless I misundertood what Nissan said...

We're in Kohelet 7, line 3
What's "ka'as?" anger?
In first Kings 1, 6
We see the results of how David raised his kids. They rebeled against him, raped, were a royal disgrace. He didn't discipline them. Only Shlomo was kept away by Batsheva. They weren't part of the royal life..
One shouldn't be afraid to be strict and struggle with your kids when raising them. Like child birth is best with strong contractions, and they hurt. Raising kids properly demands strength and discipline.

As we were finishing, someone asked how G-d could have given us so much rain this year considering how bad Am Yisrael has been. Shouldn't we be praying for rain?
I answered that we have enough rain, because there are more important things to pray for, considering politics, security the spiritual state of our People. Rain, "geshem" is "gashmi" materialism, and G-d doesn't want us to waste our prayers on the material, there are more important spiritual and national matters.

Tomorrow, b'ezrat Hashem, I'll learn more...

May we be worthy of Redemption!

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