Thursday, March 24, 2005

former neighbor

We used to live in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Bayit V'Gan. In those days it was a mix of Bnai Akiva-type religious, chareidi and non-religious. There was, still is, a large neighborhood park extending from Rechov Bayit V'Gan, where we lived, to Rechov Uziel, which was much less develped. The park had a nice central sandbox and places to sit. It was the hang-out for young mothers and baby-sitters/"nannies." I was then what's known today as a SAHM, and there were days I'd bring the girls to the park twice. That was the center of our social lives, and I made many friends.

Decades later, we're older and have moved away. We've been in Shiloh since 1981. Another is in Gush Katif , and we now meet on the Opinion Column of Arutz 7, Yesha Speaks Out and other forums. When Rachel Saperstein and I used to watch our kids playing in the sandbox, who could have predicted the predicament we're in today.

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