Friday, March 11, 2005

more T'hilim, Psalms,

the upside down "nun"
In some, the better I guess, versions of T'hilim there are upside down "nun"'s between chapters, or verses. My books don't have it.
It has to do with being buffeted, thrown around like a ship at sea, being tossed up and down and around by the waves. No stability. Those that keep their faith survive.
It's seen again in Bamidbar 10, "Vayihi binso'a aron.." The Holy Ark was carried like a hovercraft, in a different other-worldly way.

Nissan said that he hopes that the destruction of Yamit was losing the floor, so that we have progressed towards Geula, redemption.

in T'hilim 107, 31-2 reminds us to thank G-d, publicly, before 10 people, two should be chachamim, learned, rabbis.
35, 18 "kahal rav," large group
in chapter 107 verses end with "ki l'olam chasdo" and His mercy is forever

One should invite lots of people to "seudot hodaya" the feast to thank G-d.

I guess that's why I found myself writing this and this .

Chodesh Tov and Shabbat Shalom

Next Kohelet, bli neder, I don't know when.

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