Tuesday, March 29, 2005

back to work and a little Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

Back to work, after almost a week off. OK, I only teach three days a week and had Taanit Ester off, then Shushan Purim, and now---
back to the battlefield, trying to get a bunch of teenage boys to enthuse over prepositions.
This morning, since Nissan wasn't feeling well, instead of our usual learning, I went over my last week's notes with a friend, who had missed the lesson.

In Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, towards the end of chapter 7, King Shlomo reminds us, not to be too rightous, or too "smart," or too evil, or too nice. We shouldn't try to please everyone for the sake of being liked, and we shouldn't think we're more moral than G-d. And we shouldn't think "li ze lo yikreh," it won't happen to me. I'm smarter than everyone. I won't get hurt, addicted--add your own verb. King Shlomo admits that he failed, fell victim to his own overconfidence.

And I'll leave you with that for the moment.

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