Tuesday, March 22, 2005

busy, as usual

Can't decide whether or not to do a wash; must decide quickly. These machines sure take their time.

Last night a big staff meeting, sort of brain-storming. I didn't want pressure, so I decided to "tremp." That's after helping my daughter with Hallelie and Poratie. I decided that I would get there just fine. But I found myself waiting in Ofra for about half an hour, until I got a ride to Givat Asaf. There I also waited. I was sure that I'd get out of Ofra easily, even straight to Beit El with staff who lives in Ofra. It got so late, that I almost called the bosses to say that maybe it's not worth my coming. But I didn't. I'm pretty nuts about the importance of being on time. Finally a ride to Beit El from Givat Asaf, but to the other neighborhood, so another 5 minute walk, and I went in 45 minutes lates, certain that the meeting must be almost over. It hadn't even begun.

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