Wednesday, March 09, 2005


No news. Yes, the news is that there's none.

I should have attended yesterday's funeral for my neighbor. Instead I went to teach, and it wasn't pleasant. It's hard to decided in these cases. My ingrained "protestant work ethic" makes cancelling classes so unthinkable. Being a teacher has its drawbacks. There's no flexi-time. I can't "change shifts" nor do a double on a different day. There's also no subbing in our school. Most of my classes are too weak to do independent work. I had also promised a senior a make-up test, which of course he didn't do in the end. The principal promised to proctor it personally on a different day. One of my classes ended up being so unpleasant, I was disgusted. For this I missed going to a funeral. And then I got stuck waiting over half an hour in Beit El for a ride north. The other connections were much better. but still, I only made it home almost an hour and a half after concluding the last lesson. And that's for a twenty minute door-to-door.

Boker Limud, the T'hilim (Psalms)-Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) class I take was fantastic. Amazing how the two books, by father and son, follow the same lines.
But no time right now to start reporting.

G-d willing, today will be better.

Almost Adar Sheni (the leap year month of Adar on the Jewish calendar.) My daughter is starting to think that the baby wants to be born closer to Purim, in Adar Sheni.

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