Sunday, September 26, 2004

Withdrawal, help!

Gevalt! this isn't as relaxing as freecell, what a game!

The vcr's broken and there's nothing on our tv--one and a half stations of boredom

not the time for needlepoint

should probably take a walk, walk off the icecoffee, large of course, I had with a friend, and walk off dinner, too much, though I proudly threw out some of the food

I promised duplicate pictures to a friend and they're sitting in the house already

hitched home tonight, seemed wasteful to wait for a bus
town was crowded, got nervous on the bus, began watching the people waiting to get on
happens infrequently, usually I can ignore terror

at the mammography, I asked the technician if she knew of the "joke" that's on the internet about how to "practice" before undergoing the exam, about practicing with a freezer door. She hadn't heard of it, so if anyone can send me a copy, please do via the "comments"

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