Sunday, August 10, 2014

Don't Be Afraid, A Pisher's Guide to Jerusalem #4

Most guidebooks leave out the most important information, the best and most convenient public toilets, 00, W.C.  Having waddled through five pregnancies, raised five kids, residing far from Jerusalem and now at an age when my pelvic floor is reaching the basement, knowing where to find a decent or even barely usable public toilet in Jerusalem is a vital necessity.  That's why I began to post this series:
A Pisher's Guide to Jerusalem #1
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A Pisher's Guide to Jerusalem #3
If you've noticed any of these prefabricated public toilets, have no fear...

They are only open during the day. I guess that is so that people won't try to use them as "cheap hotels" or worse. The one I went into was clean. They have locks, a sink and all the usual required stuff.

I'm just curious. Do these little prefabricated public toilets, WC, 00 exist any place besides Jerusalem?


Sandra said...

We have had them in the UK for some time. I really don't like them though, no window and I'm afraid of being locked in and no one hearing my cries with all the traffic noise! Mad eh!

Batya said...

Makes sense. I was nervous amd inspected it before locking. We have the emergency number to call. Worth having in phone.