Saturday, August 16, 2014

Busy More Than Blogging

First thing I did tonight after Shabbat was to check for news, all sorts of news. Things are quiet here in Israel. Sometimes I wonder if that isn't bad news or that our enemies are busy planning something bad.

I'm also waiting for wonderful family news, G-d willing.

I had to do the weekly Havel Havelim which is on Shiloh Musings. There's a nice variety of posts this week. Take a look, comment and share.

And I also had to pay a shiva call. One of the local men passed away. I've only known the family during the twenty or so years they are in Shiloh. I was on the absorption committee when their son and his wife came. Then the parents sisters and grandmother, too. They made aliyah from the USSR. The elderly grandmother died here and was buried in our local cemetery. Now the man died and is there, too.

It's always surprising to learn about people's former life, like I just did hearing about my dead neighbor. The son described his father as a brilliant electrical engineer, a man who could do and fix anything. But for the past eight years complications from diabetes wiped all that away. Hamakom yenachem...

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