Monday, August 18, 2014

Nice Ice and...

I'll start with the "and..."

The family gets a mazaltov on the birth of a baby girl to my youngest and his wife. But since the kids don't like me to blog about them, that's all I have to say right now...

This week's 52frames had a very summer friendly theme, "Ice." I used frozen coffee in the shape of a heart.

The "crystal look" under it is from sugar. I shot it with my Galaxy II smartphone since my Canon 620 camera is dying or dead. I wonder if I should have had the entire background white sugar.

After taking the picture, I added milk for a delicious summer drink. Since I still have a few heart-shaped coffee ice cubes left, maybe I'll have another cup today.

For the Jewish Sabbath observers who want really good coffee Shabbat morning, I suggest freezing coffee in a plastic cup or ice-cube tray to add to your Shabbat coffee. Just make less coffee Shabbat morning so there's room for the frozen coffee. That way the instant tastes more like perked or from your coffeemaker.

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