Wednesday, June 01, 2016

"Deja Vu Doorways," 52Frames Architecture"Deja Vu Doorways"

I've been part of the 52Frames project for about three years already. It is pushing and encouraging me into new photographic challenges.

"Deja Vu Doorways"
This is an old stone building in Jerusalem's Nachalat Shiva neighborhood. It is now a health food vegan restaurant, but for a few years it was a popular kosher sports bar and grill, HaGov, The Lion's Den, which was owned by my son. That's why there's a "Deja Vu" there for me. These old Jerusalem buildings have fantastic niches and arches, which can be used very creatively, as you see here. In some cases the buildings we see today were added to a number of times over the century plus since they were first built. Turning these old buildings into modern businesses is quite a challenge, but the results can be very charming and beautiful, as you see here.

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