Saturday, July 02, 2016

As if Time Stood Still

Yesterday at the pool, I noticed that I was the only one in the pool and saw the clock said almost 9:30am. That meant that any second youngsters (under 18) would be allowed in. I wanted to savor every last second of peace and decided that I'd wait to leave the pool until the children entered the gated part. I would leave as entered.

I was just a could of meters, about six feet, from the ladder at the deep end. I kept on treading water, moving my hands and feet rapidly, yes, exercising, looking at the clock and then looking towards the girls. I could feel my muscles straining, but I didn't stop, didn't go  under, didn't relax and float on my back, didn't dive under. The clock said 9:31, then 9:32.... maybe the clock was slow. Could be. I kept watching the girls, the clock, moving constantly, keeping my head up, my body active.

The girls got closer, and they got closer. The clock already said 9:33 or was it 9:34, when the girls finally entered the pool area. I dove under, towards the ladder. Then I grabbed the bars and pulled my feet almost to the top and climbed out just as the first girls jumped in.

Those extra minutes were glorious and good exercise! And I had a wonderful time in the pool.

Of course, you must understand that I can't show you anyone in the pool...
Such heaven, bli eyin haraa, living in Shiloh.

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