Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Light at The End of The Tunnel" 52Frames "Low Key"

I'm learning all sorts of new terms and techniques as part of 52Frames, the facebook based photography group I joined a few years ago. I've really always loved taking pictures, and when I look at some I took as a very young child, I can see a similarity in composition to those I take now. Of course, in those days, I  had a simple film camera and only got black & white film. There was no such thing as "wasting a shot." Each one had to be perfect, or my parents would threaten that they wouldn't pay for more film and developing costs.

Today people just shoot and shoot some more. I get dizzy when I have to choose between many photos. Even when I take a lot of photos of the same scene or theme/challenge, there aren't all that many, not the dozens others take.

"Low Key" means dark in layman's terms. It can have something lit up, but that must be a relatively small percentage of the view. I ended up with two similar photos that fit the bill and didn't have the patience nor visual skills to choose, so I asked for help from the 52Frames Photographers facebook page. That's how this was chosen:

"Light at The End of The Tunnel"
I tried to escape the summer's heat by going inside the Walls of Jerusalem's Old City this week and in one of the covered areas, I shot this photo.

Camera: Canon IXUS 145 Canon IXUS 145
Aperture: f/3.5
ISO: 100 and below
Location: Jerusalem Old City, Israel

Which would you have chosen? Here is the other:


ziggi star dust said...

I like it!!
But i think you can improve by knowing how to operate the camera,
i am really far from giving advice, but if i were you i would join a photography group, i used to belong to one..i was thinking to reconnect. connect to a photography group and you can pick up tips. i also like black and white photos of jerusalem.
you have an amazing subject, jerusalem is amazing, and yes, i like the tunnels, i would like to see the underground tunnels by the way, if you can manage that, i have never my tip is CONTRAST between light and dark. i personally love taking photos of cats in jerusalem ..but people are also an interesting subject, especially the diversity but stick to what you know and use the camera to focus attention on what you want to focus on!!

Batya Medad said...

Thanks my camera is simple and doesnt program much.