Sunday, July 03, 2016

Picture a Siddur That is Also A Coffee Table Book

That's the Nehalel beShabbat siddur! Yes, it's a beauty!! I know that it came out a few years ago, and now there's one for weekdays, but since I had to choose which to review, I asked for the Shabbat one.

I generally give away the books I get to review, and I felt that the Shabbat one would be more suitable. But when they put out one for the Jewish Holidays and if they offer it to me, I'll probably keep it, since I do need a good Holiday one.

The Nehalel beShabbat siddur is gorgeous, easy to use and follow. The davening instructions are clear enough for someone not very experienced in Jewish Prayer. I also consider the English translation excellent.

And even though I was afraid that the exquisite photos would be too distracting, I did manage to doven from it on Shabbat. I took it to shul with me, and friends sitting nearby insisted on taking a look. It's that irresistible.

I guess you can call it a "labor of love" by Michael Haruni, his friends and staff. I went through all of the names listed and discovered that I even know some of them.
Conception and development of Nehalel, as well as its new English translation, are the work of Michael Haruni. Haruni’s academic research background in Philosophy led him to examine the nature of kavanah (the directing of thought) in prayer. He is the creator of the innovative Nevarech bencher, while his stage plays, especially The Stonemason and STa”M, have explored the relation between faith and identity. He lives in Jerusalem with his family.
Not only would the Nehalel beShabbat siddur be a wonderful gift to give someone else, but it would certainly be a wonderful gift to give yourself. Enjoy! For purchase information, click here.

Title: Nehalel beShabbat
Editor/Translator: Michael Haruni
Publisher: Nevarech, distributed by Urim & Ktav
Pub Date: January 31, 2013
ISBN: 978­9655556575, hardcover, 681 pages, $29.95

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