Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Finally Figured out a Way to Carry My Backpack Without Killing My Shoulder

For the past few months, I've been finding it harder and more painful to walk around with my backpack. My right shoulder which I had injured over fifteen years ago, when I used to play basketball, had started acting up.  I loosen the straps so they'd easily go over my heavy winter coat, but it didn't help enough.

They the other day, I glanced at the backpack and noticed the elastic straps that go across the chest to keep the bag stable. Maybe that would help. So yesterday when I put the heavy backpack on my back, I "buckled" those, too.

And, yes, it was much more comfortable. I felt fine walking with it, B"H, thank Gd.


Ed Greenberg said...

I spent a week walking around Chicago this summer, wearing a backpack. I found that the chest strap was well worth using.

Batya said...

I definitely learned my lesson, though it's not very flattering...