Monday, January 13, 2020

Harvey's Smokehouse, Must Return

Last week, after attending Rothschild and Sons, I went with friends to Harvey's Smokehouse. Even though it was very windy and rainy outside, they did their best to warm us up. We were very lucky to get a perfect table without reservations. I guess Gd knew we needed a good meal.

Harvey's Smokehouse is a Bar & Grill · Barbecue Restaurant · American Style Meat Restaurant, strictly kosher, of course. It's on 7 Ben-Shetach Street, a couple of minutes' walk from Zion Square, 02-624-6444, opens 12 noon, Sunday-Thursday.

Because of the hour, we didn't order a real complete meat meal, their specialty. That's one of the reasons I must return.

I started with beer and was very happy that they offer on tap Shapiro's Israeli craft beer. There was a choice between Shapiro's IPA and Wheat beers. Since I wasn't sure which I wanted, I was brought both to taste. The wheat was pale and anemic both in looks and taste, but the Shapiro IPA didn't disappoint at all. My only mistake was getting a "third" rather than a "half."

One of my dinner companions ordered a fruity cocktail, which I tasted. It was absolutely perfect, too.

My companions ordered a couple of servings of meat chili, onion rings and one "cole slaw." I was offered tastes of them all. The chili and onion rings were fantastic, but I was so disappointed to see red cabbage masquerading as cole slaw I just couldn't touch any. Maybe it's the New Yorker in me, but when I hear cole slaw I expect to see white (green) cabbage and carrots. Anything else is sacrilegious, an abomination. The only one of us who tasted it insisted that the dressing was genuine, but then again, he wasn't raised in New York.
I ordered a salad that had bits of grilled chicken breast and their own "bacon bits." It was labeled as having "ranch dressing," but all I tasted was mayonnaise, and I don't like mayonnaise. When I mentioned this to the waiter, he quickly took away my plate and replaced it with a new salad, sans the guilty mayonnaise. There were simple dressings on the side, which were perfect.

We had been tempted by the lamb chops and other grilled meat, but having shared two portions each of the chili and onion rings, besides the big salad, we barely had room for a bit of dessert, chocolate mousse and apple pie for sharing.

Our driver perked himself up with some coffee, and then we drove back to Shiloh after a totally enjoyable evening in Jerusalem. Great food and company. I can't ask for more. But I really do want to return to Harvey's Smokehouse and try their meat, lamb... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.


Unknown said...

As one of the friends, can 2nd that emotion & attest to great evening all around!
My family calls me a fleishaphobe - on acct of the coffee, of course - but I am atypically obsessing over the divine chef's salad: perfectly grilled chicken w a hint of barbeque, crisp greens & other veg studded w generous bits of scrumptuous, charred lamb bits.

Batya said...

And that chili...

rutimizrachi said...

We adore Harvey's! (It doesn't hurt that one of the chefs is a personal friend.) Because we are major carnivores and I prefer my carbs in the form of beer -- I'm also an IPA fan -- we don't bother ordering anything but the beef or lamb. The brisket and asado are amazing. When our rich friend comes to town, she treats us to the medallions of beef. Outside my income tax bracket; but a little piece of heaven is allowed to cost more. Great food, great service! Maybe we'll meet there for a feast one day soon, Batya.

Batya said...

Wow. Thanks. It would be nice

Lorri M said...

I like your thoughts on red cabbage. I feel the same way.

Batya said...

It's not that I don't like red cabbage, but it's not an ingredient in cole slaw.