Sunday, January 26, 2020

#morningcoffeehaiku Into The New Decade

Whether home or away, I still begin most days with a #morningcoffeehaiku posted on facebook. I find the simplicity of the 5, 7, 5 syllable structure of haikus just perfect to galvanize my brain as I wake up and drink my morning coffee, after water, usually with slices of lemon and ginger.

I must admit that after many years of writing these haikus, I may get repetitive in the phrases and even complete lines included in these mini-poems. Please forgive me. And there's also a limit as to what I can photograph, the dawn, darkness, coffee mugs and various coffeemaking apparatus.

Following is a selection of recent #morningcoffeehaikus. For more, search on Facebook, where I've made both a page and a group titled #morningcoffeehaiku. You're invited to join and follow.

dark cold early morn'
saved by great strong hot coffee
starting week grateful

tired, not enough sleep
post-Shabbat syndrome, plus pool
coffee must kick in

got up too early
sun's oversleeping, not me
love drinking coffee

exquisite sunrise
though dark winter clouds invade
while I drink coffee

Need good hot coffee
Winter in Jerusalem's
not for the wimpy

dull, grey cloudy morn'
looking forward to sunshine
cheered by good coffee

Instantly COFFEE
Perfectly hot on cold day
In Jerusalem

sparkling ice raindrops
drinking hot coffee to warm
very winter day

woke up to bad news
but sun still shines so brightly
need sweeter coffee

Hot coffee "still life"
In Holy Jerusalem
Need caffeine to wake

exhausted this morn'
Rosh Chodesh before Shabbat
last night my team won

desp'rate for coffee
fun, friends and beer aren't sleep
sun's still shining bright

much too early but...
coffee preceding sunrise
soon Shabbat plus more

pastel colored dawn
I need strong coffee today
Where's the orange sun?

pretty new kettle
spectacular orange dawn
great start to new week

Chodesh Tov, New Month
Joyful Ladies' Holiday
drink coffee and smile๐Ÿ˜

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