Tuesday, May 12, 2020

No-Sew Mask Credit: Adventures in Mama-Land

I'm so glad to have discovered Tzivia's  Literally TWO MINUTE no-sew easy coronavirus mask from an old hankie (video + step-by-step guide).

I followed directions best I could. The only differences were that since my husband's hankies are a bit smaller, I had to fold a bit larger than by thirds, and it felt better to tie slightly differently around my head, probably because my scarf is different. But I'm very happy with the results. I'll probably cut some 100% cotton fabric the right size to have more.

Thanks, Tzivia. I really appreciate the idea and your hard work perfecting this no-sew mask.

PS I used about a meter of jersey yarn I've been crocheting with for potholders and rugs.

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