Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Faux Beatles, But Good Enough for Me

Yesterday my daughter-in-law found the perfect treat for me, a Jerusalem performance of The Magical Mystery Tour Band. The performance was geared for the "entire family," and my three year old grandson was as enchanted as I was. Three generations sang and danced along to the timeless Beatles songs.

The Beatles had filled my adolescence. Yes, I'm of the '60s. Way back when, over half a century ago, nobody could have confidently predicted that the Beatles' music would be so popular today. It has more life than modern music for sure. We certainly didn't need the beer and chaser to enjoy ourselves, but toasting a l'chaim, to life, never does any real harm. We weren't driving

Most of the audience seemed much younger than me; it was an afternoon show. I got a kick observing the enthusiasm of the audience, who had been encouraged to get up, dance, jump and play with balloons. In addition we were invited to sing along, thank Gd. I couldn't have stayed quiet even if I had tried. I still remember all the lyrics.

So, if you have the opportunity to attend a performance of the Magical Mystery Tour band, don't delay. Get your tickets before they're sold out.


Unknown said...

"Most of the audience seemed much younger than me." Yup: "younger" is getting older. Corollary: "older" is getting younger. . . at least we all love the Beatles!

Batya said...

for sure, thanks