Saturday, May 07, 2022

Dear Cousin, A Book Review

Dear Cousin by Elchonon Boruch Galbut, Mosaica Press, is a eulogy to his cousin, Brian Boruch Tzvi Galbut, who has passed away and is greatly mourned.

The Galbut cousins were part of a large Jewish family that has been in Miami Beach, Florida since the 1920s. In the 1950s and 1960s when Elchonon Boruch and Boruch Tzvi were growing up, the entire clan lived in the same neighborhood and spent a lot of time together, especially Jewish Holidays. 

Boruch Tzvi was a few years older than the author and served as his role model in sports, religion, school and more. When necessary, Boruch Tzvi was even called in to defend his younger cousin.

Elchonon Boruch tried to emulate his older cousin by going to the same yeshiva during his studies in Israel, but they were too different, and Boruch Tzvi ended up helping him make the connections to a different more suitable one, supporting him all the way. 

They ended up with very different professions, Brian Boruch Tzvi being a doctor and Elchonon Boruch combining property development and Torah teaching. Since they also lived in different cities, so they saw less of each other as adults, but like many cousins, they always felt connected.

Dear Cousin is written in an interesting format as "letters" to Boruch Tzvi interspersed among a fascinating narrative geared more to the reader. We learn about the Galbut family, which has been contributing much to Jewish life in Florida for many decades.  

I found Dear Cousin to be very pleasant reading, and I'm glad that the author has made it possible for us to get to know his cousin and the rest of the clan. Yes, I recommend the book. 

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